Friday Favourites

Owning an independent business, such as Fancy That and The Roundstone, is a very rewarding experience.

We have the opportunity to provide our city with a service, one that we hope has matched your needs (…and wants). As a company we are constantly evolving, keeping up with the fashion trends (not nearly as difficult as keeping up with the Kardashians) and ensuring that our customers love the products as much as we do.  We have learned the importance of finding our own personal style, but also the importance of pushing our fashion boundaries.  We have always found beauty in uniqueness, something we hope is evident within our stores.

Here are unique pieces inspiring us this week.

Friday Fav-005
{Miik top}

Friday Fav-004
{Nic & Zoe dres}

Friday Fav-003
{Chabra bracelet}

Friday Fav-002
{Art wedges}

Friday Fav-001
{Sandwich jumpsuit}

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